My favorite Adobe MAX Tweets & Links

October 10, 2009

This year I was fortunate to attend MAX for the first time. Quite an experience and well worth the trip. Adobe and Macromedia’s combined heritage lends to an imaginative and inspiring event but with a close knit community feel. Adobe’s staff blend in to the crowd and it is not unusual to end up chatting, lunching and drinking with senior evangelists, product managers and the like. Also it was amazing to meet the people behind such things as Mate, Swiz, Cairngorm and others.

During the conference I learned to tweet (thanks Radley) and tried my best to keep up with things and provide some useful snippets. For those not following Twitter (like me for the most part) I figured it would be worthwhile to review the tweets and provide a summary of the info and links that were generated during the conference.

Principle Sites

Flash Player 10.1



Flex3 and 4

Flash (Radley is going to cover this topic)

AIR 2.0