Adobe and HTML5 – it is in their DNA

Interesting to watch the the Google IO keynote tweets this morning.

Adobe announced an HTML5 extension for Dreamweaver CS5. It includes support for the newest WebKit engine, CSS3 properties, HTML5 starter layout, code hinting, and more. The first technology preview version is available today on Adobe Labs:

Also interesting is the support for HTML5 in the coming release of AIR 2 for the desktop. Adobe AIR leverages Webkit – the open source HTML rendering engine – supports preliminary HTML5 functionality such as the canvas element, HTML5 section tags and offline detection and caching. We will continue to add functionality as the HTML5 specification matures.

HTML5 will take years to get agreement on let along implement. During that time HTML will continue to exist and Flash Player will continue to be a valid platform. Even if standardization takes another five to ten years it’s great to see Adobe involved and committed to support it in their tools from the get-go. No doubt the cross-platform (which Adobe is extending to mobile, tablet and other devices) will play a part in the overall scheme of things.

Not supporting HTML5 for a company like Adobe would be nothing short of committing slow and painful suicide. Adobe has always been progress and pushing the envelop (Flash is everywhere and they are the leaders in the RIA domain) so why would they not support HTML5? Such a ‘head-in-the-sand’ strategy would no doubt raise eyebrows, even on the Board of Directors. Anyone who thought that Adobe would not support HTML5 has probably spent the last few months bobbing for Apples – it is probably time to come up for AIR 🙂


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