Evolution of RIA Design Principles

So you can not only have a flaming logo, now you can make it fly around you application. Just because you have the power in an RIA application to do this does mean you should. So, given that much more is visually possible in a Flex application there is a greater challenge for developers to know how but when is it appropriate. If you have a Flash background this may be old hat but for those with an HTML, Java, .Net,… pedigree this is not so obvious.

This weeks 360Flex panel discussion “What are the Principles of RIA Design” will bring 5 experienced user interaction and design practitioners together to discuss this point. This panel discussion will investigate the question of ‘what are good/bad principles and practices in RIA UI design for business, enterprise or other apps?’. All the books you peruse at the local (Borders) library on interface design largely work within the constraints of a non-RIA design/development environment for websites or applications. Now that designers and developers have significant animation capabilities in Flex for applications, when is it appropriate to have glowing, moving, and morphing UI components like buttons, forms and video? Currently the screen ‘pages’ will essentially ‘snap’ from one layout/page to another. This is an un-natural and abrupt change that you can get used to, but is mentally disruptive, especially if you have to re-assimilate the page to find information or next steps. Apple has raised the bar for the industry in the design of its products and particularly the iPhone which employs a natural flow and movement in the UI – transitions are animated and employ more natural-physics based movements, fades and scale (things growing and shrinking). Come out and participate in this discussion on what may be the ‘new’ design rules, principles and guidelines for RIA user experience development.

Panelists (alphbetically):

Paul Giurata, Lead Solution Architect at Catalyst Resourceslinkedin | blog
Chet Haase, Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems – linkedin | blog
Bill Scott, Director UI Engineering at Netflixlinkedin | blog
Ehud Waizer, Senior User Interaction Designer at SAP Labs linkedin
Radley Marx, Professional Design and Flash Developer of vj.tvlinkedin | blog


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