360Flexpress Success

This weekend (Nov 7-8) 360Conference.com ran a weekend of budget training ($149 for two days) for Flex enthusiasts at eBay Town Hall in San Jose. The event was co-operatively conceived and run by 360Conferences and Silicon Valley Flex User Group (SilvaFUG).

Described at http://www.360flexpress.com/, the event was intended to give Flex beginners a head-start in learning the ropes and building their new skills and knowledge. The event was attended by 35+ beginner and advanced developers from as far as Florida! Participants were very complementary about their experience which was evident in the lively, in-depth questions, discussions and experience sharing.

The first day was given by Tom Ortega and covered not only coding but the thought process from requirements through to a working ‘Thanks Giving Survey’ prototype. This approach gave participants insights in coding in MXML and ActionScript, features of Flex Builder and also the differences and nuances of creating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

The second day included 3 parallel tracks that were repeated in the morning and afternoon that took the prototype built on Saturday and walked through coding it in Cairngorm (Tom), Mate (Harry Garland) and PureMVC (Keith Sutton). The sessions on frameworks involved a lot of indepth coding and discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each framework. Stay tuned for a blog regarding these different versions.

It was great to see the enthusiasm and interest generated by newcomers. I would like to express appreciation to Tom Ortega and John Wilker of 360Conferences, Harry Garland an upstanding SilvaFUG member for presentations on Mate, eBay for the use of their facilities, and of course the participants who took the time to attend. We are all looking forward to 360Flex coming to San Jose March 7-10 !


One Response to 360Flexpress Success

  1. Tom Ortega says:

    I have to admit, after a loooooong absence from being in the trainer chair, it sure felt good. To help see people’s eyes go from gloss “I’m lost” to bright “I got it!” is an amazing thing.

    I’m honored to have been part of this great weekend training session.

    Keith and Harry definitely knocked it out of the park too with their great presos.

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