Bare Bones PureMVC App Skeleton

PureMVC like any other application model-view-controller framework takes some time and effort to learn and apply to real world situations. In general there is no shortcut to reading the documentation, reviewing the examples and building a few demo applications. After having gone through this myself and helping a few others through the process I have developed some insights and assets that have proven to be useful. The content of this post is based on a presentation that is available on SlideRocket.

For those getting started there is an application skeleton available from PureMVC site. This example is great and provides a set of components and code that gives you a leg-up when creating an application from scratch. However, it includes a little bit more that most can handle in their first practice project. For that reason I have created a stripped down version ( that provides a good ‘first application’ start-point.


One Response to Bare Bones PureMVC App Skeleton

  1. Julian Alexander says:

    Thought these might be useful for everyone who was at the seminar today 🙂

    PureMVC API Documentation:

    PureMVC Source Code Browser:

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